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    Lego Technic 8110 Mercedes Benz U400 Unimog



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    default Lego Technic 8110 Mercedes Benz U400 Unimog

    Post by darthdc on Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:02 pm

    Hope you can use the link. I've posted photos of this behemoth to my facebook page. Got it from Modelzone a few weeks ago. It is big, and the wheels are a huge 94.3mm in diameter, meaning they are slightly bigger than the DB5's.

    So, this licensed set has 4WD, suspension, pneumatic crane and claw, stabilising legs at the back, and winch at the front. The pneumatics, winch and crane turntable are operated by one 9v motor, using a gear box assembly to direct the power. Lifting the cab reveals a somewhat small V4 engine.

    The crane and winch are also switchable - you can attach them to either end of the vehicle.

    Using online instructions, pieces from the crane, winch and back compartment can be used to create a snowplow.

    Despite looking awesome, it has a few drawbacks:

    The suspension works better side to side than front and back. The weight of the battery box can cause the truck to lean slightly. The steering is hampered by the vehicle weight, and with the snowplow, will only work when the vehicle is lifted up.

    Operating the crane can be tricky, as the motorised pump would benefit from finer control. As with a number of pneumatic sets, you only need the pump to extend the cylinders, as the weight will lower them.

    Then there are stickers, including some that fit over multiple bricks. I've got a number of lego sets where the stickers have degraded and peeled off like dry paint.
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    default Re: Lego Technic 8110 Mercedes Benz U400 Unimog

    Post by k8vnl on Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:31 am

    My brother got the unimog.

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