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    Instructions To Make Continuous Motor From A Servo


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    Good Instructions To Make Continuous Motor From A Servo

    Post by Admin on Thu May 24, 2012 4:57 am

    Instructions To Make Continuous Motor From A Servo

    The reason I used a servo for this is because when you have completed this mod you have a very powerful motor with plenty of torque
    (1.5KG to be exact)

    The next 2 pictures are of the servo that I chose but this mod can be done to any servo Embarrased

    Step 1:-

    Remove the stickers from either side of the servo as these keep the base on, then remove the 4 screws from the base of the servo

    Step 2:-

    Now remove the bottom plate of the servo Braces

    Step 3:-

    Remove the metal clip at point a, use wire snips or you can wait till the next step to remove it as it is a little more accessible braces:

    Step 4:-

    If you push at point a with a small screwdriver the potentiometer will come free from the case along with the cogs Wink

    When you remove the clip at point a the center spindle of the potentiometer will pull free and you can snip off all the inner workings
    to allow free rotation Read Embarrased

    Step 5:-

    Embarrased Now push the base of the potentiometer back into the housing, Embarrased
    Embarrased place the center spindle back into the potentiometer with the corresponding cogs Embarrased

    this is very fiddley so take your time Idea

    Step 6:-

    Place the top back onto the servo Read

    Step 7:-

    Remove the wires from the base of the motor and solder the black & red wires on that we cut from the circuit board
    black/red/white in a strip

    Step 8:-

    Now push back on the base and put the 4 screws back in and the motor is complete cheers


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    Good Re: Instructions To Make Continuous Motor From A Servo

    Post by melvyn.davies1 on Tue May 28, 2013 12:35 pm

    pure genius


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