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    Complete parts list with Issue Numbers


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    Good Complete parts list with Issue Numbers

    Post by jsiddley on Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:07 am

    Below is a list of all the parts and issue number in which they came, usefull for needing spares or sorting parts out.

    1) Radiator grill, Aston Martin Badges, Bulletproof Screen
    2) Driver’s Seat cushion, Driver’s seat base, Driver’s seat Back, Driver’s seat cover, Right arm driver’s seat, Left arm driver’s seat, Front rotating number plate and base, Front bumper and overrider
    3) Hood and Superleggera logo
    4) Oil cap, Cylinder Head, Fan, Fan Belt, Timing case
    5) Tyre, Control console assembly
    6) Driver’s wing mirror, Weapons drawer base and cover, Silencer, Gun barrel, Gun stock, Throwing knife, Gun, Grenade, Roof panel
    7) Driver’s seat adjuster, Left engine block
    8) Gearbox, Sump, Clutch slave cylinder, Engine bracing piece
    9) Exhaust manifold, Ignition lead holder and leads, Distributor cap and leads, Carburettor assembly
    10) Right camshaft cover and breather cap assembly, Left camshaft and left breather assembly, Cross shaft assembly , Radiator hose
    11) Oil filter assembly, Right engine block
    12) Water pump impeller, Crankshaft pulley shaft, Crankshaft, pulley, Engine right hose, Rear Bulkhead and electronic connection, Screen washer, Screen washer cap
    13) Power box, Power box top, Left & right bulkheads, Right brake servo
    14) Left brake servo, Air box, Air box hose, Air cleaner cover, Air cleaner, Alternator control, Brake fluid reservoirs
    15) Starter solenoid, Ignition coil, Blower trunking, Tyre
    16) Left calliper, Inner wheel rim
    17) Outer wheel rim, Wheel rim ring
    18) Washer , Front brake disc, Front wheel slasher
    19) Right calliper, Inner wheel rim
    20) Outer wheel rim
    21) Wheel rim ring, Washer
    22) Front brake disc, Front wheel slasher
    23) Steering wheel and electrical connection, Upper steering column, Lower steering column, Headlamp control
    24) Dashboard and electrical connection, Air vent switch
    25) Dashboard mount and electrical connections, Left air vent base, Left air vent cover, Air vent switch
    26) Right air vent base, Right air vent cover, Control front plate, Dials, Light switch, Lighter
    27) Glove compartment door, Ignition key, Dashboard controls, Choke, Ignition switch and electrical connections
    28) Speaker grille, Speaker cover, Speaker and wire
    29) Monitor housing and heating control, Screen cover, Radio, Monitor, Gear stick
    30) Pedals
    31) Handbrake, Effects team’s stunt controls, Gear stick retainer
    32) Ejector seat lever, Ejector seat lever covers
    33) Trigger housing, Rear and front
    34) Ejector seat trigger wire, Ejector seat spring, Rear seat, Middle part, Rear seat
    35) Floor panel
    36) Bonnet hinge, Support rod holder
    37) Support rod, Radiator, Front and rear, Water tank part
    38) Front bumper base part, Front bumper base, Arm Rest, Door handle
    39) Left door panel, Window, Window frame
    40) Hinge, Retainer, Lock
    41) Passenger Door
    42) Telephone compartment, Door handle
    43) Arm rest, Panel and trim, Window frame
    44) Hinge, Retainer, Lock
    45) Driver’s door
    46) Inside roof, Sun visor
    47) Sun visor, Inner roof cover
    48) Windshield frame, Windshield, Windshield silicone ring
    49) Rear wind screen, Rear wind screen frame, Rear windshield silicone ring
    50) Right fuel tank, Right fuel tank cover, Left fuel tank cover hinge
    51) Left fuel tank, Left fuel tank cover, Right fuel tank cover hinge
    52) Car body top
    53) Left quaterlight window frame, Left quaterlight window knob, Left quaterlight window part, Right quaterlight window knob, Right quaterlight window part, Right quaterlight window
    54) Right quaterlight window frame, Rear shelf panel, Rear seat back
    55) Rear shelf panel back
    56) Rear licence plate frame, Boot lid handle
    57) Boot lid
    58) Rear licence plate and base, Right tail light plate retainer, Let tail light retainer, Rear bulletproof housing
    59) Bulletproof screen spring housing, front bulletproof screen housing
    60) Bulletproof screen trigger, Boot lid hinge
    61) Tyre
    62) Rear wheel
    63) Rear axle, Rear axle back, Supporting linkages
    64) Transmission shaft
    65) Tyre
    66) Rear Wheel
    67) Passenger seat, Seat body, Seat back, Right arm, Left arm
    68) Seat hook, Seat adjuster, Screw covers
    69) Right tail lights and electronics
    70) Left tail lights and electronics
    71) Rear wings section
    72) Right arm rest and seat belt, Left arm rest and seat belt, Boot lid hinge cover, Boot and electronic part,
    73) Rear bumper, Licence plate retainer, Passenger side mirror
    74) Antenna, Left headlight
    75) Right headlight, Left side rail, Right side rail
    76) Bonnet holders, Bonnet holder mounts
    77) Front body
    78) Left coil spring retainer, right coil spring retainer, Front suspension shafts, Front suspension springs
    79) Front axle, Front suspension
    80) Main pcb
    81) Car Frame
    82) Right exhaust top, Right exhaust bottom, Left rear exhaust pipe, Left exhaust top, Left exhaust bottom, Right rear exhaust pipe
    83) Battery door, Battery door Screw, Battery and electronic connections
    84) Chassis, Stabiliser, Wire Retainers, Washers
    85) Left window screen wiper, Right window screen wiper, Rear suspension springs


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